Wednesday, June 4, 2008

whew!! what a week!!!

first of all, i want to share my good news!! i won the giveaway on
Home Again-Vintage Treasures
( http://gardenjunk.blogspot.com/ )
i am so excited!!! oh wait, thats not all, i also received my paper bag craft swap from emily at
( http://rozells.blogspot.com/ )
should i post the pics of my paper bag swap goodies?? or should i wait?? i think i will make you wait. lol

this has been such a busy, busy week!!
we have been trying to paint on the exterior for days. the rain keeps interfering. grrr!!
all the plants that i needed to plant are in the ground and preparations are on for storm's graduation on june 8th. keep your fingers crossed that the weather holds to finish the painting, put up the new porch lights, get the mulch down and set up the tables. all by saturday.
did i tell you that we just picked up another five gallons of paint, yesterday?? yes, thats right, yesterday..... and it rained today. do you see why i am getting stressed??

we rented 2 movies tonight. anyone watch "cloverfield" or "no country for old men" ? not that i have time to watch them tonight. lol its 10:14 pm and i am so tired and ready to get a shower. keeping my fingers crossed that i can watch them in the next few evenings.
oh, what is your favorite bubble bath, shower gel and body lotion??
i seem stuck on bath & body works. cinnamon bun heaven was my winter favorite but now i am using creamy coconut (since its summer and the smell reminds me of suntan lotion).

we made a big batch of taco salad for supper tonight. a plate of that and a large iced tea was wonderful!!

i need to do some new decorating. anyone have any ideas of americana themed ornie trees??
i have gardening items on mine and am ready to change for june and july. i need some inspiration!

i will post again soon.. i love blogging and all the new friends i have made..........
hugs, kim


  1. Kim, yes! Post the pics, I can't wait to see what you received... I didn't make it in time, maybe next time.

    The giveaway you won is so awesome congrats on that, love that old photo....

    Maybe for your Americana tree you could coffee stain a flag colored ribbon add that to the tree, add a set of lights then make some dough stars and/or find other -star- things, purchased or made and do it that way?? Just an idea :)

    Take care,

  2. For your tree, you could hang rustic stars, and tea stain flags and hang them with wire. Sounds like a fun project. Show pictures when you are finished. Julie

  3. Oh my...you are busy! I haven't seen either one of those movies so let me know how you like them...

    I love Bath and Bodyworks anything...LOL...I love shower gel and other smelly things like that...LOL
    Don't overdo it..and I hope you get some sunshine!!

  4. omg!! thanks for all the wonderful ideas!!! i will post some pics soon.. it is so hot and humid outside. going to put mulch down and finish painting( keeping my fingers crossed) tomorrow.