Monday, June 9, 2008

what a weekend!!!

my baby has graduated! it was an exciting and sad day at the same time.
when they are in diapers you can't wait till they are potty trained, when in school, you can't wait till they can drive to practices and activities, and then you are waiting on graduation. but when those days come and go they are gone forever! enjoy those babies!!

cake from kennedy cakes

receiving diploma

a very happy girl

storm and nick...... look out world!!!

i remember holding her in my lap........ i love you storm and i am so proud!!!

what do you want to be when you grow up?
( a tribute to the graduates of 2008)
What do you want to be
When you grow up?

A hundred times over the question was posed:
Batman, Superman, super-heroes saving the world
Tarzan, wild and free, swinging from tree to tree
A wild west Indian or jousting knight

In time, I became more realistic
A cop or farmer like my folks
A nurse to cure grandma; a vet to heal my beloved pets;
An Olympic equestrian at one with my horse

Somehow, somewhere, folks have failed to ask
A much more pertinent question to the youth of our world:
Who do you want to be, when you are grown?
How will the measure of you stand up?

The WHO is so entrenched within the what
The desire to make a difference is wrapped up in all the fantasies
That the superhero within us all
must never be forgotten , nor ever made small.


  1. YaYYYYY Congrats Storm how exciting!!!Way to go, love the pics WOOT WOOT!!!! Carm

  2. How Exciting!! Congrats!! That cake looks so good too :)

  3. Congratulations to mom and Storm on the big Graduation!! Babies do grow up so quick don't they?

  4. Hello, thank you for stopping by my site and leaving me a hi :O) I absolutely am moved by the tribute in your post!!! Thank you for sharing<><

  5. thanks for all the congratulations!! it is very much appreciated. i have to admit that i cried a little during graduation. my babies are all grown up.

  6. Congratulations to the Graduate..and the Mom!! How very proud you must be...