Monday, June 16, 2008

monday, monday........

hi all,
just thought i would post a couple things this evening.
first , i want to let you know that my friend leslie, at

is having a giveaway for her 100th post!! yippee!! skippee!!
leslie is an awesome blogger, she is such a natural and has a wonderful personality that really shines through in her blog. i am so glad i got to meet her. please stop on over and tell her hi!

i fixed something new this evening.
i had picked up a box of the potato gnocchi a while ago and hadnt used it. i had already thawed out a 1lb package of sausage. so i made some small sausage balls with egg and cracker crumbs and fried them. i added butter, a little garlic oil and 1/4 tsp. sage to the pan. as soon as the butter was melted i added a 1/2 cup of milk and let it simmer while i cooked the gnocchi. as soon as they were done i then put them in the sausage ball pan. let it all simmer for about 3 minutes. we had this little dinner with sourdough bread. what an awesome supper!! i dont know what to call it but it tasted good!!

oh, i also had made up a snack that i remember from my childhood. i picked up a box of cinnamon graham crackers and a tub of vanilla icing. take the crackers out, spread one with icing and put another on top. you can break them into smaller pieces since the graham crackers are scored. i like them either as soon as you make it or let them sit for a while and they get soft. you can use other kinds of icing too. one of my faves is lemon.
bye for now, kim


  1. yummy! Sounds good Kim!
    Girl, i dont see my blog added,LOL

  2. Hey Kim!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!! I wasn't sure if I had commented here before or not, but I do like your blog. I made my husband come listen to your playlist the other night-he has picked up guitar playing and is teaching himself and I can't remember what song you had but I love them all. Your yard is so pretty too!!

  3. Awww..Kim, thank you for your kind words! :) I am happy that I have gotten to know you. I mean I was stalking your photo albums before you even knew I existed! LOL You were the first person I met on the internet that had a trailer and decorated in Prim! :)

    Your meal sounds yummy! We had something different tonight, too.! I normally don't post about my cooking creations but I like to mess around in the kitchen and made my family eat Pesto tonight! LOL I took some photos because I thought it was funny...I think I may share tomorrow :)

    Take care of yourself, now. No more accidents or you won't be able to get your projects done!


  4. Thanks for visiting Kim, the meal you prepared sounds wonderful and I love your little kitchen tree.

    Blessings Rondell

  5. thanks so much for all the comments!! and lisa, i am off to add you!!!
    hugs, kim

  6. LOving your garden pics..
    and all the good things you
    Everything looks lovely..
    especially the veggies..Deena

  7. Graham crackers an ice cream ..can't go wrong there..yummm
    .. you have pretty music..
    hugs Patty

  8. Every thing sounds so yummy!! I will have to try your recipes!!! Have a great night!~Wendy

  9. Hi Kim...that recipe sounds neat and easy...I adore lemon the best too so I'll have to try it!!

    I hope all is well with you!