Monday, August 18, 2008

Fall Decorating, Weekend Finds & More........

Hello, Its Monday!! :)
First, I want to post a pic of my beginnings at fall decorating.
I started dragging some things out of storage on friday.
The top of the tv armoire is done.
There is still a bunch I need to go through and decide whether or not I am keeping .
I couldn't believe that I had as much fall stuff ; as I do christmas.

I went to just a couple yard sales this weekend. I really wasnt in the mood but knew if
I didnt stop , then I would regret it on Monday.

I picked up these books for 25 cents. the hummingbird book( which is a little blurred in the pic) has beautiful watercolor pics in it. I didnt realize there were so many different kinds of hummingbirds. :).
The flea market finds book is awesome! Lots of great ideas for those t2t finds.
The book on building sheds and other buildings has great info.
I had looked at it online before.

Some more goodies.
the table mat ( 25 cents) is going in a thrift store swap that I am in.
the basket - 50 cents
small basket 10 cents
hardback book 25 cents
old bear pattern - freebie!!
white cotton sugar bag( in bottom of pic) was $1.00
large (4 yard)piece of cream flannel.) also, $1.00!

We got my dad's deck sealed.
Also came home and did mine. Sunday morning I was watering flowers, got the deck wet and slipped off the step. Stupid me!! I got a big 'ol bruise on my leg and I feel stiff. :(

Look! Look!

I got an award from http://blacksheepprims.blogspot.com/

Thank you so both sooo much!!
It is such an honor to receive these blog awards.
The rules of the award are:
1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.
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I'm nominating the following blogs for the "I Love Your Blog"
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5. http://kariandkijsa.blogspot.com/
6. http://freshvintage.typepad.com/freshvintage/
7. http://emilyfranz.blogspot.com/

be back soon,


  1. Your fall decor looks great! I'll probably hold up and start after labor day weekend. I know it will be hard for me...

    Great garage sale finds! I'm in love with that basket!

  2. They say that Halloween comes in second for the most decorations these days, after Christmas, of course :) So you're right on track!

    Everything looks great!

    You sure do find a lot of great yard sale finds in your area. I rarely find Prims but I guess I really don't hit too many sales either! LOL I just stay away and save my money and space! LOL

    Have a great rest of your day!

  3. Hey Kim!!! I haven't gotten out anything yet, but I am hoping to this week.

    Great finds this weekend I especially love the basket. No I wasn't in Berling this weekend to go to Zincks. It is on my list though. LOL. I have a whole list started of places I want to go when my kids go back to school. Most of them are fabric stores between home and Berlin. Did you know there is a thrift store in Berlin too??? Another place for me to visit.


  4. Oh I hope your ok!! Stupid steps they always get in the way!!lol...I love your fall decor. I thought fall was starting here, I saw some trees on Saturday that were already changed but then today it got really warm!! So who knows!!LOL
    You found some really great things at your yard sales, I went to a few but didn't find much at all!! Have a great day!~Wendy

  5. Thank you SO much for the blog award! You made my day! :)

    I couldn't believe when I saw the Flea Market book you pictured that you got at a garage sale! My sister-in-law found that same book at a garage sale recently and I am borrowing it now! ha.


  6. Hope your doing okay?
    Congrats on your award too!
    Love all those prim finds, the basket sure looks good and only.50!
    I'll probably wait until mid September to decorate for fall, love what you have put out.

  7. congrats on your award!
    You really found some good "finds" I am not good at hitting the right places for good things!

    Have a great night!

  8. Love your fall decorations...what a wonderful treasures you found in yard sale. Love to know about the different hummingbird. I know that book has to be interesting. Oh Ho!! I hope you are okay! Thanks for stopping by....I glad you told me my e-mail in not be found....I will fix that. I will write you. Have a wonderful night. Smiles1~~~ Kathy

  9. I cannot believe it is time to decorate for fall. I adore the Fall....Have a great tomorrow....

  10. Kim,
    Thanks so much for the shoutout.
    I really try to find something interesting to share.


  11. Great finds on your yard sale items! I am like you, if I don't go, I regret it later!

  12. Most my fall goodies are under the house but I do think I have a few things in my lane trunk, I should go peek and see, now you got me wanting to put stuff out :D Carm

  13. Forgot to say I LOVE the color of your background on here, I am inspired to make a webset with that pretty green :D Carm

  14. I adore you fall decorating...I wish I could get started...but for now I am just too busy...maybe in a few weeks. Dianntha

  15. I like your blog..am adding it to my daily reads...I love the photo of your holiday/halloween stuff...very cutely done...I have photos up of our house last year..can't wait to decorate for fall again...take care.

  16. Hi Kim, sorry havent been by in a while but glad to see your doing well..Look at all your fall goodies!

    You found some awesome stuff yard saleing..I am the same way if I don't go yard saleing I regret it later lol
    Take care,

  17. Hi Kim love all your finds,i can't wait to start decorating for halloween , now i have my 3 times a week visit to TKMax to check out there halloween goodies,i have been collecting prim halloween items from them for about 5 years now, its the only place except ebay- in the states i can buy prim items, but its been fun along the way.Your halloween decor looks great.Take Care ~Kate~

  18. Wow!! If it still didn't feel so much like summer here I would probably drag out all my Fall items too!!

    Congrats on your award!!

  19. Hi Kim, those are some wonderful finds. I have the Flea Market Finds book and I have enjoyed it very much. Love the way your Fall decor looks. Makes me want to get a start on decorating as well.
    Thanks for being so faithful to visit me. I so enjoy reading your comments.


  20. Hi Kim - Thanks so much for the award! That was really thoughtful. Sorry it took so long to reply - I was on vacation. I love all of your autumn decorations ...you are waaaay more motivated than me! I just took down my easter bunnies.

  21. Thank you, thank you- We are so thrilled that you were thinking of us! We are so sorry to be late in accepting- life gas been a rocky ride this past month, but we truly treasure this one! Thank you so much!

    kari & kijsa