Wednesday, August 13, 2008

W.W.W & More..........

Good morning!!
It's Wednesday so here is my, "Whatcha Working on Wednesday" project.
This is a "Toad House". They are made with a 1 1/2 - 2 inch gap on one side so that toads are able to crawl underneath and live. I would like to add a little sign to the toad house. I am not sure what to use since it will be sitting outside and you know a paper hang tag wouldn't last past the first rain.
I think it looks very prim and rustic! :)

Toads in the garden, as insect eaters, should be valued for their role in pest-control.

Where did this come from?? I found this flower growing up out of my hosta. I have never seen a hosta flower look like this!!?? and since I usually don't let my hostas bloom, I am wondering where it came from.

close up

I know you may be asking why I don't let my hostas bloom. I believe that not letting the hosta bloom , saves the energy for growth in the next spring. My hostas are pretty big.
I think it works. :)

Pay It Forward goodies!!
These are my pay it forward goodies that I received from
Mary Isabella @

Thank you so much!!
I received teas, pretty buttons and ric rac in fall colors, foam leaves , pretty leaf paper, printable pics to use as post cards or note cards and more!!
I love everything!!

I also won the garden tour contest @
(Can I be Pretty in Pink)
Please stop over and check out Deena's blog.

Enjoy the day!


  1. Hey sweetie Kim...
    that flower is called a
    Surprise Lilly..
    it has just a stalk ..then the
    How about a popsicle stick for a sign or just a piece of old wood.

    I love your Pay it Forward things..wonder where that orginated..I love it..I did it on my blog too ..

    Smiles and hugs..Deena

  2. thanks deena!! yes, its a surprise!! lol

  3. I have neverr heard of a toad house, that is really cute!! Congratulations on all your goodies!! Have a great day!!~Wendy

  4. That's cute! I have never heard about it either. maybe paint it a barn red?

    Take Care,

  5. Hey Kim thanks for the chalkboard info.

    I am hoping to be able to add my items on my website tomorrow sometime.


  6. I am so glad you got your things and liked them. This was so much fun.....Mary

  7. Kim, love the toad house. Yep hostas do bloom. I believe that is what the bloom is. Most people do cut out the blooms, cause hostas are just folage not blooms. They have pretty blooms though.

    Love the pay it forward goodies. They look great. Will get my out by the weekend. There is alot goin on here. Im workin' on it though.

  8. I just love your toad house..how sweet.

    :)...love your pay it forward goodies.


  9. The toad house is so simple and yet so nice! Love it!

    I used to decorate a LOT but I think I cut back, mostly because like you I wanted more Prim and not cutesy so somethings had to go. You can also look at the stuff you have and see if there is anything you can do to it to make it more Prim. Sometimes It's just the color paint or maybe by adding soem stain over top or coffee staining fabrics, it will look more Prim?

    I don't like to let my hostas bloom because I think they look so ratty but it seems to always happen before I realize it! LOL I left things go a bit this year so oh, well. I don't know if it saves energy or not because the hostas I have all spread around the house came from about 15 plants that were here originally. They were HUGE and no one took care of them at all until I came along :)

    Have a great weekend!