Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend finds & I got an RAK..

Good Sunday morning!!
I hope your weekend was a great one.
While sitting here drinking coffee,I thought I would hop on and post some pics of my yard sale finds and of a RAK I received Saturday.

Sales weren't as great as I was hoping but I think it was because of the arts & crafts festival going on.
So, lets get started..........

First thing I want to show you is this crock. $1.00!! It's not in the best of shape but that's okay. I am planning on using it outside. Maybe set a pot of mums inside? Or how about some bare branches? I seen the branch idea in Country Sampler and really liked it.
Let me know if you have any other ideas. :)

on to my other stuff........

-white fruit bowl is ironstone. I don't know much about ironstone. It was free so I didn't pass it up.:)
-Wooden handles utensils 25 cents each. I got six of them!! (thank goodness for little 'ol ladies who have yard sales).
-Another old bingo game, buttons are wood 50 cents. I know you are probably wondering what I am doing buying bingo games. I kinda like the old games AND one of these days I would like to use them in an altered art project. I just need to find some ideas .
- Quilted pillow sham 25 cents ( not exactly my colors, but it's a king size one, so I may use it for a stocking or something)
- 2 aluminum roaster pans 50 cents. I like to have these on hand for turkeys or hams. That way I can throw them away instead of washing. lol
- Piece of cream flannel 10 cents!!
- Old strainer 50 cents. ( I am going to try Tammy's idea of removing the wire and make a flykeep). Check out her blog.
- Light up punkin 50 cents ( it's darker than what its showing up on here. ) I think they must have left it outside for a very long time. Maybe thats a good idea, if it makes them get dark.
I could become one of those neighbors(like one I have) that leave holiday decorations out six months AFTER the holiday. If I ever get a chance when they aren't home, I will get a pic of the huge snowman in the front window. ;)
- Canning jar with black lid 50 cents
- See in the upper left corner-beside the white bowl? small resin firkin bucket $2.00!
That was one thing I really wanted. It's small enough to stand alone of maybe hang on the christmas tree. Which reminds me that I want to talk about christmas trees and decorating in a few days. :)
- One more thing, small packet of halloween goodie bags. 10 cents. They are cute and I thought may be useful for giving goodies to online friends. :)
We don't hand out candy here. There are no small kids.

My yard sale total for the weekend........ $7.45!!!
Yea!!! Do the yard sale dance with me!!
shuffle to the right, shuffle to the left... ;)

Now I want to show you a RAK I received from Starmeadow at

THANK you starmeadow!
I love all the fabric and patterns!! They will definitely be used!

be sure and stop by
she is having a giveaway!!

Be back soon,

P.S. The wooden table bench (that you can barely see under the yard sale goodies) is now SOLD!!


  1. Love the crock Kim for a buck it will serve its purpose.

    Dalton had their yardsales yeserday, but I didn't stop I was being good.


  2. Right now I think that crock would look awesome with cut sunflowers. LOTS of them! Then in a few weeks, put the mums in it. Great find for $1. Have a wonderful week!

  3. Kim, I love your idea about the mum in the crock and the branches. How about branches that have berries.? You could fill it with pinecones or gourds for winter and fall. Love that idea.

    You did good on your yardsale. Wish I could get out and go, just never have. I sooo need to start though.

  4. My idea for the crock in to send it to me!! LOL
    I cant beleive a $1 for it!! you got some great stuff!!

  5. Oh you lucky girl you really did get lots of bargains.Its rained here now for2 days, i am fed up drying the dogs and changing my jeans 4 times a day,and to top it all i missed the car boot sale because of the rain.Take care~Kate~

  6. Came here from Gettysburg Homestead-my goodness, you got some great deals!! I am a little envious...

  7. Love the crock and for a $! You got a buy. I love crocks I have some on a bench at my patio door. they look so simple there. How about putting potatoes or onions in it? Lots of good ideas girls! Dawn

  8. I love all your finds! What a GREAT deal on that crock!! I need to find one of those...

  9. Kim dear!!
    I finally drew the winner of the
    Garden Tour, it's YOU..
    please email me @
    so I can get your mailing info..
    I haven't posted yet..but have the post ready..just need a pic of the journal to post..
    I'll do it later today..
    smiles, deena

  10. You find so many great goodies when you go out! Nice stuff. :)

    Have a great day!

  11. I was wondering if you got your package yet....Hope you will like it.....Mary

  12. I love that crock!! Great steal!! You always find such great buys! and what a great package you received. Online friends are the best!