Thursday, August 7, 2008

Show & Tell- "Roadside Pantry".....................

It's that time again!! Show & Tell Thursday.
I thought I would show you a photo of my "roadside pantry". Now I know you are wondering why I am calling it that.
Well, because thats where I found it!! Seriously! As some of you know, I do alot of recycling . We routinely haul scrap metals to the local center. This includes washers, dryers, wire etc. Do you know that there is money in that stuff!!?? It's nice to pull in and get anywhere from $30.00-$125.00 for someone else's junk they didnt want to haul away.
Anyways, back to the story..
We were on our way back from picking up an old washer that on freecycle. I was daydreaming, watching along the side of the road(dd#2 was driving), when I seen something wood( as in furniture not trees, lol).
I didn't think much of it, some folks are notorious for illegal dumping along back roads. :(
A couple weeks later the same family had posted that they had a dryer to get rid of so I replied and we were off to pick it up.
On the way home it was still over the hill!!
Mind you, it has rained, been sunny and rained some more in two weeks. Weeds were getting higher around it!
Storm( dd#2) and I made the short trek over the bank. OMG!! There it was !! Dirty and slighly beat up! The inside was filled with trash!
We left it there at that time cause hey, I have an Explorer, the dryer was taking up the whole back!! As soon I left the recycling center , got some gas and two cold pops we headed back out the road. We dragged it up over the bank, minus the bags of trash all around the pantry.
It took us some angling to get it in , but we did.
I brought it home, gave it a good cleaning with Pine-Sol and left it to air dry. The next day I went over the wood with some Minwax Oak stain to help hide some of the major scratches.

Ta Da!! Here it is in my kitchen!! I love it!!

I emailed the guy that had the dryer and told him about it. he said folks dump trash there all the time!
Why on earth would you dump this piece, is my question??!!
I love this pantry!! I wish it could talk! lol

The moral of the story is - look for treasures in unexpected places. :)

p.s. never mind, the bear hanging out the crock on the left( looking at the floor). I think he is watching the cats.. :)

p.s.s tomorrow is yard sale day!!!


  1. Just to say love your pantry,i would love one like that but have no space.I need to win the lotto and buy my really old farmhouse,but i am happy with my home and graeful for all the open space around.Take care~Kate~

  2. Great piece of furniture. I would have rescued it too.


  3. WOW!! What an awesome find...I love it! You have done a wonderful job rescuing this old pantry...it looks perfectly at home in your kitchen! :-) Susan

  4. I love reading the story of your fun pantry find!! I can't believe someone would leave a piece of furniture like that on the side of the road. Oh well, someone's trash your treasure. :)

  5. What a great find!! You did good!


  6. I love a peice of furniture with a good story! Beth

  7. Great story and your one lucky gal! I love it!

  8. On the roadside? I love it! And it looks like it has been at home in that very spot for always. I'm so happy for you!


  9. Oh my,how beautiful is that? Such a wonderful find.

  10. What an awesome find Kim!!! WOW, I would've snatched that up too!! I love it! You did a great job restoring it, it looks adorable!