Tuesday, August 5, 2008

~Pay It Forward~

Pay It Forward

Yesterday I played the pay it forward game at http://daisybouquet.blogspot.com/ .
(Check out Mary Isabella's blogspot)!
This is how it works, the first three people who comment on this post I will send you a surprise. Then you are to post it on your blog and the first three people who respond you send a gift too and you just keep it going that way. The gift can be something you have, or made, or bought. or flee market items. Please keep your gifts small, (maybe something you could fit into a manilla envelope or regular envelope).
You can play more than once if you want too. Just a little fun to help beat this summer time heat!!!!! :)
p.s. make sure you send me an email addy to contact you. :)


  1. Well how neat is this little idea!
    I would love to play!!!!!

  2. I'm in! :o)
    Great idea!
    We're going camping for a few days so if I don't respond back right away, that's why!

  3. Hello Kim,

    I love your blog!! My daughter turned me onto it. She has spent many hours visiting and you are one saved to her favorites on her computer. I visited her today, she showed me yours, now it my turn to spend hours visiting you!!! Wow, wonderful!!! I would love to particapate in the pay it forward!!

    I will enjoy many hours at your blog, catching up :D

    Hope you have a wonderful day!!!


  4. Thanks so much for playing!!!! Hope this helps take our minds off the heat....mary

  5. Hi Kim!
    Yeah, I save a bag full of Taran's hair. :) I know I will have to part with some of it...just not right now. What a neat idea with the pay it forward. :)

  6. hurry, i will take 2 more1!
    email me with your addys to
    smalltownprim(at) yahoo dot com

  7. Oh I still have to carry out my pay it forward...thanks for reminding me! Hope all is well with you..I am playing catch-up!

  8. Hello Kim~ This sounds like a great idea so I plan to add it to my blog! I love stopping by to see what you have been up to!

  9. Thanks for stopping by at my blog and commenting. I have read backward a few pages here at your blog- I am enjoying your recipes and stories and I am excited to find you...especially that you are a fellow Ohio lady!!!!