Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend Finds..................

Good morning!! I thought I would get up a little early on this beautiful Sunday morning and post some pics . These are some of the goodies I found at the yard sales this weekend.

enamelware pan $2.00
set of wooden handled silverware $2.00
sheep pillow .25 cents
basket( I am going to stain it) .50 cents
wooden candle holder w/candle .25 cents
metal candle mold $1.00
set of 3 stacking stoneware bowls with handles $2.00
bingo game .25 cents
hot air popper .50 cents
food chopper free

----on to the next picture...................................
3 easy sew fleece square rag quilts( throws) $2.00 each kit!!!
( tag says 29.99/each from joanne fabrics)
herbalist book .25 cents
new set of navy panels $1.00
large, heavy, tin snowman cookie cutter .10 cents
wooden angel .10 cents
americana quilt kit $1.00 regularly 15.00!
(close up of quilt kit)
not pictured-----
king size white down comforter( still in plastic zip bag) $6.00
6 new bed pillows ( yes, still in plastic bags) .25 cents each!!
2 white chenille pillow shams .50 cents for the pair.
broken whirlpool washer- free( we took this to the junk yard and got $14.00 for it)
4 1/2 ft. prelit tree- free
Total spent this weekend(minus the 14.00 i got for the washer)- $11.20!!! woohoo!!
The recycling center was on my way home so it didn't cost me any extra in gas.
I am planning on using the fleece square rag quilts as christmas gifts. I have a couple friends who are sewers and think they would love getting one of these to put together.
The down comforter and pillows are going on my bed this winter. Yes, I love primitives but am thinking of doing a winter theme with whites and creams in there.
The free prelit tree will be used as a project for our hospital's,"Wonderland of Trees", auction.
(now, I just have to decorate it. lol)
Did you find any bargains this weekend?


  1. You had yourself a wonderful day! I can't believe the great deals you found and the kits for that amount are a great find. I love that sheep pillow and only .25!
    Have a great Sunday.

  2. You really did have a great day and found some great deals. Have a great day!

  3. Wow, I love your blog. You and everyone else always gets these great finds at yard sales. I really need to get out and do that more often.

    I love your soap recipe. I'm going to make sure some of my friends see this. They'll love it. I hope you don't mind, I'm adding you to my blogroll.

    Oh, almost forgot. I really did mean to add the pet peeve you talked about. Had a situation at a McDonald's drive thru that almost sent me over the edge. Young kids just do not know how to acknowledge customers anymore.
    Some day I will do an updated P&P!

  4. Hello there, I am doing a little blog hopping this morning and trying to discover some new blogs and I happenend upon your and I just wanted to say hello. I also love yard sales although my adventure wasn't has good as your was. I did however find a gift shop with a side walk clearence sale type of a thing going on and I bought an old disply shelf from them to openly store all my home made canned goods. So I guess the day wasn't half bad. I like your blog, I'll try to check in and see what your up to later. I have added you in my blog roll to make this eaiser. ,Hopoe that is ok.

  5. Wow!!! You got some really awesome deals this weekend!!! Have a great Sunday!!~Wendy

  6. Kim!!!
    Jealous here & totally coveting your enamel pot WITH the lid! Geez that'd be big buck s in my neck of the woods, what's up w/that? :o)

    Let's see, I did score a cute, plain white cakestand(hard to find & also pricey)and I found a bunch of Christmas Kitsch so that was good...wasted some gas on a couple sales, bummer :o(

    You rocked it so I can live vicareously through your success, until next weekend when I get another chance! :o)

    Off to play w/glitter now!
    Enjoy the rest of your sonday!:o)
    Thanx for sharing!xoxoL~

  7. Wow, now you know how to shop..LOL. I found a few things at an auction this weekend and I will post pics of them on Monday. I think your winter theme idea sounds wonderful...can't wait to see it. Dianntha

  8. Wow, I would have loved to have found some of those goodies.

  9. Great deals on your items. I would love to find some tablespoons in that wood handled pattern.(-:

  10. You lucky girl i just love when i have a good day at the sale.Then i come home and think maybe i have to much things,but as i say to my friend you can never have enough baskets or fabric.lol.Take care ~Kate~

  11. Hi it's me again. I am such a dork I was so busy this weekend that I forgot to bid on your table bench and missed the auction. That always happens to me when I put an item on watch. I'll try again.:)

  12. Boy, did you hit the jackpot! What great finds! I like that sheep pillow!

  13. Wow, what awesome deals you got!!!

  14. WOW, you did great at yard sales this weekend!!!! The down comforter and all those pillows..awesome!

    We hit a few this weekend between going to a couple of different Goodwills. I found a couple of wooden barstools that I'd like to paint. Goodwill was having their 50% off day, so I found lots of stuff there, too. So much fun!!!

  15. Well looks like I found a fellow garage saler! I love all your finds. You did good girl as my grandmother would say.

  16. Well you sure hit the jackpot with those treasures. I adore that enamelware pot & lid. I use a similar one to make my laundry soap. And those quilt kits ~ Wow!

    I'm so happy for you.