Thursday, August 14, 2008

Show & Tell- Fall 2007

I have been thinking of doing some Fall decorating. I know its only August but, the last few days there are fallen leaves on the deck ! I love Fall though.
There is so many good things about Fall: fair time, crisp air, fresh apple cider, cozy sweatshirts, lots of bonfires and cool days.
These pics are from decorating I did last in 2007. I really want to do something different. Don't pay attention to the background; all the shelves and such have been changed. Anyways, I am posting these pics here cause I want some input....
I am wanting to go more Prim, instead of cutsey.
do you have an ornie tree all year? do you decorate for fall/halloween?
do you have any ideas i could use?'
do you have any favorite websites or online photo galleries that you use for inspiration?
Throw me some ideas.
I am going to start dragging out the Fall stuff in the next few days.



  1. Well I like the crock for the tree. That's a great idea. I don't have a tree for the fall, just Christmas...I know webshots have several albums for inspiration. I don't recall seeing fall yet. I'll let you know if I come across some prim inspiration!

  2. Kim I was just thinking I need to drag out my fall stuff when my kids go to school which is next week. I would love to have a tree out year round, but I just have nowhere to put it. I use a lot of pumpkins, gourds, fake leave branches, crocks, bowls, dried fruit and garlands. That's about it.


  3. Signs! they always make a statement. I love natural things, like pinecones and tree branches. I am not really into Halloween but love the fall with leaves, pumpkins,and gourds. I am ready to get my fall things out too!

  4. It's me again, I'm sorry I keep calling you Lisa. I don't always put real names to you gals. I know your Kim and it even says so in your avatar yet I still think Lisa every time I see you post.

    I have never done a Fall tree before but what about some leaves made of muslin. Just cut them out and heavily coffee stain them, maybe mix some fall paints with water and paint them.

  5. I put orange and white pumpkins of all sizes all over the place. I love them. I fill wagons with them. I put them on the mantle, I put out fall candles, and fall prim dolls.

  6. i'm hoping to have a fall tree this year...i am gonna put some wooden crow and pumpkin ornies on it along with some bittersweet picks or maybe grapevine...i don't know~i want to do some muslin leaves too!

  7. Oh I am so ready for Fall this year! I'm collecting prim decorations - that's my new thing. I love the silly smiles and big eyes, and of course pumpkins galore! Hubby keeps saying "not yet!" He likes to linger in summer as long as possible...guess that's why he keeps blowing out my harvest scented candle!


  8. Hi Kim,
    I just bought the Sept 2008 issue of Country Sampler magazine today. It's loaded with wonderful fall decorating ideas. Their website is always fun to explore too!

    Have a great day!