Saturday, August 2, 2008

stay tuned........................

(borrowed from flickr)

I am on my way to my dad's for tacos. ( yea!!- I dont have to cook tonight)

Tomorrow I will post on my yard sale excursions over the weekend . I seriously got some great deals!!
Is there such a thing as a "yard sale dance"?? I think there needs to be! Thats how happy I was the last two days!!
Oh, I stopped by one of my favorite thrift stores, "Community Treasures". Every Saturday is 50% off everything in the store. If you are a thrift sale lover, well, she has the goods!!
I picked up a pattern for punkins and another for those outdoor flags that you see everywhere,. my total 43 cents!!

Best thing is she gave me a flyer stating that from 8/1/2008- 8/20/2008, if you bring in any school supplies they will give you 50% off of an item in the store on any of those days, not just Saturdays. now how cool is that?!! This place is non profit and such a great asset to our community!

Anyone watch, "The Other Boleyn Girl" ?
I rented it for this evening.


  1. enjoy your dinner kim! sounds like you got some great stuff...can't wait to see pics!

  2. Tacos sound pretty good right now! :) Can't wait to see those thrift goodies. I got a couple this weekend too. So addicting, isn't it?!

  3. Kim, that taco does look delish...enjoy the time with your dad. Looking forward to seeing your thrift store treasures.
    Have a nice evening!

  4. Hey Kim~~~
    Love your Blog would love t swap links with you!! Always looking to make some new friends!!
    Many Prim Blessings.....
    Lori Hull

  5. Hello Kim! I absolutely find your blog inspiring! Keep up the great finds. Thank you for sharing the soap recipe! I made some for myself and a friend and we both love it! I am grateful for having an easy recipe to make it! Would love to swap blog links if you have room for more friends!
    blessings, angie