Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday's Post.........

What are you doing today?

I am heading out the door to check out a yard sale or two and to get some groceries. So glad I don't have to ride in a wagon! :)

I don't mind grocery shopping. I consider it a challenge. Well actually, its two challenges. one- finding the best bargains, two- dealing with the other shoppers. :)
There is not much choice in our town of where to shop. We have Walmart( of course, they are everywhere!), Riesbeck's, More For Less(Riesbeck's little sister) and Aldi's.
I like them all!
I get most of our basics from Aldi's.
We try not to do alot of shopping at Walmart. Why you may ask?? Cause I would rather give my business to the small town stores than to a corporation. maybe my shopping( or lack of shopping ) doesnt make a huge difference, but it makes me feel better. I even search the thrift stores for fabric( wool pants, jackets, cotton sheets for dolls, etc) instead of purchasing fabric from there either.
I wish we had a Marc's store closer to us. The first time I went to one was about a month ago. We were in Canton, Ohio and I really like that store. I had bought a jar of MID'S spaghtetti sauce and loved it(and it's made in Ohio)!!

Before I go, I want to tell you about another giveaway!!
Sue @ http://countrypleasures.blogspot.com/
is having one! Please stop by and sign up!!

Be back soon,


  1. hope ya find some goodies kim! have a great day!

  2. Hi Kim,
    I worked on that tree today and it totally took on a life of it's own. The thing is so Halloween. Can I have that link to vintage Halloween pics?
    I can't wait to finish the tree and post the pics, the other girls in the shop were going wild over it.

  3. Great post!!! Did someone say a link to vintage Halloween pictures. I would like that link too please.....Have a great weekend ....Mary

  4. Kim, thanks so much for the kind comments.Im glad you stopped by. Thanks for the tip on the draino or oven cleaner. I will head to Walmart tommorow and get some. I have had some soaking in vinegar, salt and peroxcide,and a few rusty screws, the water turns rusty but the rust just rubs right oof the silverware if smudged. I want to make some more of my prim ware. thanks so much for the tip! I will contiune to check in with you, Dawn

  5. Hey girly! Come by my blog, you have an award waiting!

  6. Hi, I know what you mean at trying to buy at small town stores. We like to do that too, but it's so expensive everywhere. Even Wal-Mart has jacked prices up here. It's quite the challenge!! I too love Aldi's, I don't get there often enough!

  7. Kim
    Thank for stopping by...and your sweet comments. Those small words you saw are sample I only can use. No, I don't make it...I sell Uppercase Living. You can order any words phrase in the catalog. You can view online. go to my blog and scroll down on side banner and click on pics.(uppercase) I can send you a few of the sample...just e-mail me and give me your address. You can make your own design also. If you have question..just e-mail. Love your blog....I will be back to visit. Kathy

  8. Ps. I will get in trouble selling the sample words. Thowe are to give to customers to try. I can make crafts with it and sell it that way. I hope you understand. I will be glad to give you a few.

  9. Hi Kim. Thank you for visiting my blog and signing up. To answer your question, the signs are available to order on my website. You can also custom color your signs if you do not like the color they are in. I will be back to check on your blog again and have a great day shopping. Cheryl

  10. You got an award, see my blog for details.

  11. hi there kim....i love the picture of the wagon with the ladies...made me smile this morning...did you find anything on saturday...i didnt do anything but help my daughter on saturday....sure wish i could of went to a few yard sales....maybe next weekend